Monday, July 30, 2012

Part I Interview with Sara Zaske, author of The First

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As a reviewer, I read a lot of bad books. Sometimes to the point where I almost want to hang my hat. Then every once in a while, I'll get a gem like The First by Sara Zaske, and those novels make it all worth it.

I originally read this when I received a copy through Librarything giveaways, and scanned through a few pages. Then a few more. Soon I realized that I was putting down everything to finish this terrific book.

As soon as I finished, I emailed Sara Zaske, the author, to let her know how much I loved her book. She responded back saying that I made her day and that  I should start a blog to have a home for my 100+ reviews. Now you know! She was the inspiration for the birth of Ensconced in YA.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Description:
A young adult urban fantasy/eco-thriller, The First, follows 15-year-old Cassie Craig as she discovers that her new friend Violet is more than just a little weird. She’s part of a group of people who were here on earth long before us. Powerful people. And they aren’t exactly happy with the way humans have been treating their planet...
The First is available on Amazon and has just debuted on Smashwords!  

My Amazon Review:  The First by Sara Zaske

Author Blurb:
Sara Zaske has lived a variety of places including eight years in Oakland, California where The First is set. A former journalist, she currently works as a freelance editor and writer in Berlin, Germany. She also hosts the book blog: YA Fantastic Book Review. Occasionally, she still dreams of California.

Author Interview Part I.
1. Your book is one of the few that I have awarded my five star review. I was really drawn into the story from the start. How did you come up with the magical world that you've created in The First?

Homesickness started it all. One gloomy winter here in Berlin, I really needed to spend some time back in the sunny San Francisco Bay Area, if only in my mind. Luckily, that setting fit really well with some ideas I wanted to explore about the unethical power of nature. I gave my magical people influence over nature minus any sympathy for humanity, and then put Violet and Cassie in between them and us. 

2. I had a hard time deciding which amazing female character I liked more, Cassie or Violet. Do you have a favorite? Why did you pick that character?

It's a tough choice. I think Violet with her quiet strength is more likable overall, but personally, I have to go with Cassie because I'm a bit of a bumbling loudmouth myself. She's also tough, and much braver than I could ever be. 

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