I've hosted a lot of interviews and giveaways to help out indie and bestselling authors, and I've done some editing on the side! Here's what they have to say:

For interview/giveaways:

"It was lovely to work with Christina, and the interview/giveaway was a smashing success :) I'd be more than happy to work with her again."
- Kat Zhang, author of What's Left of Me

"In addition to asking wonderful, engaging questions, Christina was able to time the posting of my interview and giveaway to coincide with a blog hop to maximize visibility. This thoughtfulness and attention to detail led to a noticeable increase in both Twitter followers and Facebook page likes. Christina provided a great, stress free experience with tangible results. Brilliant!"
-Kathleen Peacock, author of Hemlock

"Christina has been a dream to work with! Not only is she passionate about YA, but she's so supportive and goes the extra mile to help promote your book. I thoroughly enjoyed doing my character interview with her, as it was something fun and different for me to do, and for my followers to read! She also timed the interview and giveaway with a big blog hop, to ensure both got maximum exposure. I'm looking forward to working with her again!" 
-Elizabeth Richards, author of the BLACK CITY series. 

"I have interacted with Christina in the past regarding blog features and giveaways. She's prompt, professional, and a true YA scholar. If you want the world to see what you're writing, you want it on Ensconced in YA. I can't wait to work with her to get the word out about my 2014 release, The Art of Lainey."
-Paula Stokes, Author, HarperTeen

"The giveaway and interviews Christina hosted to promote my first novel Torched yielded tons of followers and newsletter sign-ups, and really helped get the word out about me and my writing. I'm coming back as often as she'll let me!"

-Andrea Colt, author of Torched

"Christina was one of the first bloggers/reviewers to read my ARC and approach me for an interview (with one of her favorite characters). Her enthusiasm and promotional efforts helped make my debut experience a great success! I'm thrilled we met, and not only was her support appreciated, but she has a beautiful way with words. A blurb from her review earned a place on my official website's book page: http://anita-authoraghoward.blogspot.com/p/books-by-ag-howard.html   Thanks, Christina!"

-AG Howard, author of Splintered

"Christina is the ideal collaborator when it comes to interviews and giveaways, with an encyclopedic knowledge of YA, a great sense of humor, and a stress-free approach to author publicity. Working with her is a no-brainer."

-Antony John, Author of Five Flavors of Dumb and Elemental

“I have been overwhelmed by Christina’s marketing smarts, generosity, and enthusiasm. She has given my books an incredible amount of exposure on her blog, and her reviews receive more comments from readers than any others I’ve seen. I have no doubt that many more readers have been introduced to my work thanks to Christina. She has my undying gratitude and adoration.”

-J. Meyers, author of the Intangible trilogy

"Ensconced in YA has a sizeable and very loyal following. Christina has hosted some giveaways for me that have always far exceeded my expectations, not only in increased sales, but also in Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Goodreads followers, and visitors to my website. In addition, Christina has introduced me to other authors with whom I’ve struck up cyber-friendships and exchanged valuable information on various aspects of writing. I credit Christina not only with providing important promotional opportunities for my books, but also for helping me to become more acclimated and integrated into the writing community. I heartily endorse and recommend Christina and Ensconced in YA to everyone."

-Vicky Savage, author of the Transcender trilogy

"As an indie writer, it is hard to get the word out about my books. But when Christina posted reviews and interviews about them, within days I got more followers at all of my social sites than I ever had before."

– Christina Smith, Author of The Moon’s Glow Series

"Christina at Ensconced in YA is a wonderfully generous spirit in the book blogging world. I feel so fortunate to have been hosted on her blog, which nearly doubled my followers for my YA series. Accommodating and encouraging, her reviews and giveaways bring light to new and upcoming authors in a most positive venue. Thank you, Christina, for being an amazing ambassador for both authors and readers in the YA world!"

-Stephanie Judice, Author of the Saga of the Setti series

"Of all of the bloggers I have dealt/worked with, I've got the most response and best feedback from Christina's audience/fans!  It's really been incredible to see the level of interest and sales since her review was posted on her Ensconced YA blog. A side benefit has been that the response has been so tremendous that its inspired me to work more efficiently to get the sequel done!  Additionally, Christina has been extremely gracious and very fun to deal with and work with. Thanks for everything, Christina!!"
-Howard Shapiro, author of The Stereotypical Freaks

For Editing:

"As soon as that first draft is finished, Christina gets a copy. Extremely perceptive and an avid reader,
her insights are invaluable."

-Antony John, Author of Five Flavors of Dumb and Elemental

"As an editor, Christina was efficient and had good ideas that added to my book but still kept the overall feel of my work. She also worked closely with me and kept me informed throughout the entire process. And as an author, I really appreciated that."

– Christina Smith, Author of The Moon’s Glow Series

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