For Authors

Update 6/12/17: So sorry, I am currently still going through my old TBR list. Always trying to catch up! Currently am only reviewing for authors that I've already worked with.

Dear Authors:
I would love to read and review your already published novels or ARCs (advanced reader copies)!

Preferred format: Kindle or hard copy by mail.

Things that I look for in your books:
1.  I like to see that it's decently edited. I'm okay with a few typos here and there (because it's an ARC!), but overall it should be pretty polished.
2. If this is a trilogy, I would like to see the first book. It needs to act as a stand alone book.
3. Creativity and great world building. This is something I look for in every book.
4. Showing not telling (we all learned this in school but it's way harder to do in practice!)
5. Character development. I like action, but it can't take up the entire book. We have to have some great characters in the book that we can empathize with (and even crush on!).
6. Point of view! I hate tons of points of view, especially if they are random and don't add anything so beware!

How I rate:
1 couch: I couldn't even get through the book, and can't see anything redeeming in the book. I rarely give one stars.
2 couches: This book has a lot of problems but I can see some positives-- like the author was obviously being creative, etc.
3 couches: I like the idea of the book, but it fails because of some major flaw or multiple minor flaws.
4 couches: I really like the book, but either there is a small flaw or I just wasn't in love with the book for personal reasons.
5 couches: I was absolutely in love with the book and it has many strengths (even 5 star books can have some flaws but the rest of the stuff-- creativity, world building, character development makes up for it)

My reviews:
  • I always state if I received the book from a giveaway or an author.
  • I give a very brief synopsis of your book in the second paragraph.
  • The third paragraph states the strengths of the book.
  • The fourth paragraph states the weaknesses of the book (and I try to offer constructive criticism here).
  • The fifth paragraph is what I thought of the book overall, bringing all of the previous points together.
Review Policy
1. If you send me your book, I will review it publicly on Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything and possibly on my blog.

2. Very rarely, I am unable to finish a book for one reason or another. If this is the case, I will still review the book in a public forum, but make it quite clear how far I got into the book and why I had to stop.

3. Agreeing to review your book does not guarantee a favorable review, and it does not guarantee to be featured in a blog post.

4. I every so often enjoy a book enough to ask an author to do an interview and giveaway with me. I do not do interviews without first reading a book. I personally hand pick who I feature on my blog.

5. I will state in the review that you gave me the book to review.

Author Interviews/Giveaways
 Once I have read and reviewed your book (and enjoyed it!), I will email some of you to do an interview and giveaway of your book. I do not do interviews/giveaways per request unless we have worked together before.

I will email you with some questions and have you respond by a specific deadline. I will post my review, your interview, and the giveaway on my site. If there are any other questions you think would be fun to ask and answer, just let me know! I'm pretty open minded :-)

I will be using Rafflecopter to help out with giveaways. I will usually run the hard copy giveaways for 2-3 weeks so even if you don't have the books available yet, you'll have some time to get them.

I prefer hard copies to give away because unfortunately not everyone has a kindle or nook (although they should!!! :-)). And plus, they can be signed by you (which is much cooler!). That said, I will definitely do giveaways for electronic copies. We may just not get as much interest. For electronic copies of books, I will generally run the giveaway for 1 week.

Editing a manuscript
Please email me for rates.

I really look forward to working with all of you!

Email me at and I'll get back to you within 2-3 days if not sooner (I'm kind of a email junkie).


  1. I like your rating system. The things you expect in books are pretty much how I judge as well. It's so easy and works great!

    1. Busy people get more done.

      Please consider my essay at:

      I'd be pleased to send you a copy.

      Jim Horn

  2. Hi Christina! I'm following your blog now and would love to have you review my book when it comes out in early 2013. Please just take peak at my blog and see if it's something you might be interested in. Thanks!

    Jessica O'Gorek