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  1. Villains, villains , villains!
    Totally important part of the plot of story. Without obstacles and villains the story is just not interesting enough!

  2. What's wrong with the Chemical Garden writing style? I wanted to read that book so bad!

  3. Some great post topics, that are really interesting! x

  4. I could rant about love triangles all day if I could haha. Great topics!

  5. As much as I hate the villains in my books, gotta admit they take a pivotal part on the books LOL

    My fave villains? President Snow from Hunger Games Trilogy!

  6. Replies
    1. Click on one of the links above and read the post, then comment!

  7. villains are a very important part of the story, as much as i dont like them

  8. Love triangles, love triangles, love triangles....

    Interesting subjects, but they can sometimes be a pain!

  9. i can say ilove any and all books and do review n them some author are getting bad vibe and they should not get it

  10. I love some of your featured books here :> Can't wait to read your reviews about them :)

  11. I really like some of your featured books.. I cant wait to read more reviews!!

  12. I really like this webpage.. the reviews are amazing and I just love some of the featured books here :)

  13. Worst books of 2012 gets my vote for rant.

  14. Villains are what make a great story! :-)

  15. ranting is the best. good way to release emotions (:

  16. ranting is the best. good way to release emotions (:

  17. I love your site! The way you have everything set-up... it's amazing that you haven't had this blog for like... five years or more!

  18. Excelent posts *-*
    My favorites:
    + Villains, villains, villains
    + There's Only One Harry Potter: Review on Insignia

  19. Novellas Good or Bad??
    I think if they are done before the series has been released they are good or if it a follow up to start off a new series for a secondary character.
    When they are put in between each book in a longer series, esp. a series that has been out for a while, it can get confusing and really hurt the story structure.
    But that's just my opinion 8)

    michelle hofacker 8)