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Feature and Follow Friday (1)

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This is my first time participating in this blog hop, but several of my blogger friends have highly recommended it! 

I just started this blog a few weeks ago and have been impressed and grateful for all the terrific traffic and comments that have been posted! It's definitely opened up a whole new world. 

I basically use my blog to post reviews, rants, thoughts, and love to host new upcoming authors and giveaways! 

Can't wait to meet all of you!  

Q: Jumping Genres: Ever pick up a book from a genre you usually don’t like and LOVE it? Tell us about it and why you picked it up in the first place.

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things RightI love to try books from genres I don't usually read. I don't usually read nonfiction, but I read The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, which now is one of my top all time favorite books. It's one of those rare books that completely change the way I think.

I tried it because I had read Complications and Better by him as it was recommended by my medical colleagues as one of the best examples of physician written novels for the lay person.  I think it's important for a reviewer to try new things once in a while! 

Goodreads Book Description:
The New York Times bestselling author of Better and Complications reveals the surprising power of the ordinary checklist
We live in a world of great and increasing complexity, where even the most expert professionals struggle to master the tasks they face. Longer training, ever more advanced technologies‚neither seems to prevent grievous errors. But in a hopeful turn, acclaimed surgeon and writer Atul Gawande finds a remedy in the humblest and simplest of techniques: the checklist.

First introduced decades ago by the U.S. Air Force, checklists have enabled pilots to fly aircraft of mind-boggling sophistication. Now innovative checklists are being adopted in hospitals around the world, helping doctors and nurses respond to everything from flu epidemics to avalanches. Even in the immensely complex world of surgery, a simple ninety-second variant has cut the rate of fatalities by more than a third.

In riveting stories, Gawande takes us from Austria, where an emergency checklist saved a drowning victim who had spent half an hour underwater, to Michigan, where a cleanliness checklist in intensive care units virtually eliminated a type of deadly hospital infection. He explains how checklists actually work to prompt striking and immediate improvements. And he follows the checklist revolution into fields well beyond medicine, from homeland security to investment banking, skyscraper construction, and businesses of all kinds.

An intellectual adventure in which lives are lost and saved and one simple idea makes a tremendous difference, The Checklist Manifesto is essential reading for anyone working to get things right.


  1. wow, sounds interesting. I don't read non-fic very often but sometimes I will find a gem.

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  2. I agree, we should all try new genres.

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  3. I don't read very many nonfiction books either, I really should. I don't think medical books are my kind of thing, but you never know... Right?

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  4. I haven't even heard of that book before now! I should try out some more NF too, I do have to read one this summer for my school list. New GFC follower!

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  5. Woah - nonfiction! Quite a tough one! least for me. It always feels like school to me when i try to read nonfiction - but maybe that's going to change when I'm done with school :)
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  6. I enjoy some non-fiction

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  8. Interesting choice. I still don't think I would ever really read Non Fiction. New Follower. =] Thanks for stopping My FF
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  9. I like nonfiction sometimes. It has to lie within my interests, though. It's such a varied genre that I have to be choosy. So, for instance, I'm big on anything historical, but not so much on modern-day memoirs or self-help books. It's a good genre, though.

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  10. I'm really picky about my non-fiction, but this sounds fascinating! I'm going to have to check it out.

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  11. Hey great answer. I am usually up for anything. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. New Follower!

  12. I like trying new things. I think it keeps you fresh as a reviewer and breaks up the same old same old.

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  13. Interesting answer. I think you're the first book blogger I've met that read's nonfiction! lol.

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  14. That's a pretty interesting sounding book. I never would have thought of checklists as that important. I'll have to check it out - I enjoy nonfiction once in a while. Thanks for the follow, I've followed back via GFC as well!

  15. I've never read nonfiction! Great pick! Thanks for stopping by! New follower!!

  16. Hopping through. I like reading non-fiction. I haven't heard of this title but it sounds interesting.
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  18. I haven't heard of this book but it sounds interesting :)

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  19. I've never read this one before, but it sounds interesting.
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  21. I don't generally read nonfiction either, unless it's about ancient history because I think that's interesting. :) But still, even then, I'm generally caught up in fantasy or fairy tale or YA.
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  22. Wow, that is way outside the text box, isn't it? Well, I think it's great that you enjoyed something new, and yes, I think as a reviewer it is good to be broad in our choices sometimes. It was an excellent Follow Friday this week! Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm now following you back.

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  24. Not sure I've ever read a biography. I have Hillary Clinton's on my shelf but have never read it. Got it as a gift from someone or other.

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  27. I don't read non-fiction.
    But this one sounds interesting. Thanks for stopping by.
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  28. I tend to stay away from non-fiction books. I'll only ever read if the book is about something that I'm interested in.

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  31. Hi Christina, thanks for stopping by! I read a lot of non-fiction but since hopping through enough book blogs, I learned there are so many facets to YA fiction :) Yes, I've 'joined' you LOL I'll check out your recommendations.

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  33. Trying new things is definitely a must do. I actually have Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution on my shelves :D

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