Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Swoony Boys Giveaway Hop, Featuring Zach, the Swoony Boy from When In Paris by Beverley Kendall

Who needs a real Valentine when there are so many charming fictional heroes to 
sweep you off your feet?
We want the book that brings all the swoons- the one that makes your heart flutter or race and your stomach fill with butterflies- whether that be because of a hero/heroine, a relationship, and/or the book in its entirety.
I'm so excited to introduce Beverley Kendall, author of When In Paris, a book you should all read in the month of February!

Beverley KendallGoodreads Book Description: College freshman Olivia Montgomery is thrilled at the chance to start over, escape the rumors that plagued her in high school. And she can finally put her juvenile crush, Zachary Pearson, where he belongs--in her past. Then her unrequited love strolls into her French class, shattering Olivia's newfound peace, and the feelings she'd thought buried for good come rushing back. Now she can't shake her unwanted attraction to the one guy who can twist her stomach into knots with just a smile...but has never given her the time of day.

Zach's good looks may have always gotten him his pick of girls, but it's the star quarterback's skill on the football field that gives him his pick of the Big Ten colleges. To escape the crushing demands of his win-at-all-costs father, Zach opts for a private university in upstate New York where...his present and past collide. And the one girl he's always wanted but can't have--and a class trip to Paris--turn out to be the ultimate game changer that has him breaking every one of his rules.

Recommended for readers +17 and up
New Adult - mature content (language & sex)

Character Interview: Zach, our Swoony Boy!
Thanks so much for joining us today here at Ensconced in YA! We think you and Olivia make such a great couple.

1. We would love to hear a little bit more about the first time you met Olivia.

Ha! Well the first time I saw Olivia I was fourteen and smart enough to know I had to stay away from her. She was in a word, hot. The prettiest girl in the school as far as I was concerned, which of course made staying away from her hard as hell. No pun intended.

2. What is it like living in your home town? What is your family like?

My mom’s the greatest. My dad’s a jerk most of the time. I can’t understand why my mom married him but then, I wouldn’t be here so I guess I just have to deal with it. My brother is like my best friend. He’s the best quarterback in the NFL and he taught me more about the game than anyone.

My hometown is pretty average. I don’t kid myself into thinking I didn’t have a pretty privileged life. I did. But the fact that I know that I hope says something about me. I was popular in school and got pretty good grades. I don’t think I really wanted for anything—except for my dad to get off my back about football. Oh and Olivia. I pretty much always wanted for her. ;)

3. I know a lot of people overlook you for your brother, the football star (they shouldn't). What are the best and worst parts of having him as a brother?

The best is that Brett gets me. He’s my best friend. I can tell him pretty much anything. My brother’s the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. He’d do anything for me and I’d do just about anything short of murder, for him.

The worst part is the hangers-on. You know the people who try to get close to you to get close to him or the circle they think he hangs with. It took me awhile, but I’m good at spotting them much earlier now.

4. Favorite workout song? We Are the Champions

5. What did you and Olivia get each other for Christmas?

I got her a gold necklace and she got me an iPad. Oh, she also got some cool lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. Yeah, that was my Christmas present, not hers. ;)

6. Favorite video game? Madden NFL 11
7. Favorite candy?  Chocolate covered almonds
8. Favorite movie? The Usual Suspects
9. Best memory from high school? Hard to say now I’m with Olivia but I’m going to say seeing her at the prom. I’m hoping that will get me brownie points. ;)
10. Dog or cat person? Dog
11. What are you doing for Olivia this Valentine's? Roses, dinner and enjoying her Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Thanks so much for letting us learn more about how swoony you are, Zach! Enter to win a copy of this great book or a $15 Amazon GC!

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