Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vicky Savage Interview Part II and International giveaway of Transcender and Hunger Games Box Set!

Welcome back for part II of this great interview with Vicky Savage!

About Vicky:
Vicky Savage practiced law for a number of years before taking time off to raise her two children and begin her writing career. She lives on the water on the west coast of Florida with her husband, son, and two dogs. Her daughter attends graduate school in Washington, D.C.

I think everyone who has read this book as fallen in love with the Skorplings. What inspired their creation?
The great thing about writing fantasy is that anything is possible. I love animals and thought Jaden should have some animal companionship, so I mulled over what my ideal animal friend would be if I could design one from scratch. I envisioned an animal with the intelligence and agility of a primate, combined with the cuteness of a koala and the speech ability of a three-year-old. I was going for cuddly and adorable. But not everyone sees Fred and Ethel that way. One blogger called them “seriously creepy.” Go figure. She gave the book five stars anyway, so I wasn’t offended.

Who was the most unexpected character to write about and why?
Great question, because my characters are always surprising me. The most surprising, though, has been Ralston, the shrewd Inter-Universal Guidance Agent. His enigmatic nature becomes more apparent in the second book, Streaming Stars, where we find out some interesting things about Ralston that we didn’t know before. He’s Jaden’s mentor and friend, but he works for a secretive agency, the motivations of which are never entirely clear. Where do his loyalties really lie?

Do you have a special place where you go to write or think?
I have a little office in my home with a line of windows overlooking my backyard. My house is situated on a canal near the bay, and there’s an amazing ancient live oak tree in the yard. The view of the water and the wise old oak is very inspiring to me. My golden retriever usually lies beneath my desk with her chin resting on my foot. Sometimes my son hangs out on the couch and reads while I work. It’s always pleasant and peaceful in there, even on those days when I can’t string two words together to save my life.

Give us some hints about what is to come in the sequel to Transcender.
We already know that in Book 2, Streaming Stars, Jaden has a big decision to make about her future. When she returns to Domerica she’s faced with a variety of new challenges due to changes that occurred during her absence, including a few twists and turns in her relationship with Ryder. She also spends time learning more about the Transcenders and using her own skills to travel to some interesting places. The immensity of her gift begins to dawn on her. We also know that Queen Eleanor is in poor health at the beginning of Book 2. As she grows weaker, things become darker and more dangerous for Jaden in Domerica. In the end, Jaden’s decision is anything but simple.

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