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Blog tour: Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes, Review of Frozen Tides

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So excited to get to be a part of the blog tour for one of my favorite series, Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes! It definitely lives up to being the YA answer to Game of Thrones. I'll admit I was kind of waiting to see if I'd love it after the first two books, which were mostly setup of the characters and plot lines, but then once I got to the third book, I was hooked!

I'm thrilled to get to review one of the titles, the fourth book, Frozen Tides, which actually is my favorite of the 5 published so far. This is the book where one of my favorite relationships comes to fruition, and the action ramps up, and relationships get more and more complicated.

Frozen Tides (Falling Kingdoms, #4)
Goodreads Book Description: Rebels, royals, and monsters wage war over the Mytican throne in the shocking fourth book of the Falling Kingdoms series, from New York Times bestselling author Morgan Rhodes.

CLEO: Reeling after a bloody showdown in Limeros ending with Amara’s abduction of the water crystal, and a vacancy in the Mytican throne, Princess Cleo must cast aside her feelings and look toward her kingdom with the eyes of a Queen.

MAGNUS: With the kingdom in chaos, Princess Lucia still missing and quite possibly in danger, and a shocking realization about Cleo, the steely prince is once again torn between love and duty, leaving him wondering whether he’s strong enough to rule his people.

LUCIA: The young sorcercess has had her vengeance after the cruel death of her first and only love. Heartbroken and unable to trust anyone, she allies with the awoken Fire god, who also seeks revenge.

JONAS: After escaping death by the skin of his teeth, the defeated rebel—along with a mysterious stranger–leader reunites with Princess Cleo, only to find himself a mere pawn in a dangerous hunt for the elusive Kindred.

KING GAIUS: Abandoned by Melenia and betrayed by his own children, Gaius flees Mytica and sails to Kraeshia, where he attempts to ally with the famously brutal emperor across the Silver Sea.

My rating: 5 stars

My review: I am so glad I picked this book to review for the Falling Kingdoms blog tour, because I forgot this was my favorite book in the series (at least so far as I can remember). After three books of buildup in this YA version of Game of Thrones, alliances and disputes are finally coming into fruition. 

To try to sum up the previous three books without too many spoilers, we have the following main players:
1. Limeros- King Gaius is as evil as they come and continues his search for the 4 crystal orbs so he can become all powerful and take over the world. His son, Magnus, who continues to be one of my favorite characters is sort of how I would imagine Snape from Harry Potter if he had a chance to be a main character. Magnus is so interesting and flawed, and the anti-hero and I can't help but root for him. His sister Lucia has also developed... from a simple, sweet princess into a mesh of anger and power.
2. Paelsia- This kingdom has been torn apart and its leaders killed, so now we have Jonah and the rebels. Jonah is seeking justice for his brother who was killed so recklessly in the first book, but now he's realizes that this justice is more complicated than he first thought, and that there are shades of grey of good and bad.
3. Auranos- Where Princess Cleo is from, the land of beauty and plenty! The first book, I remember wanting to slap her, but now she's developed over the last few books, and she is a spitfire and much more interesting than a spoiled princess.
4. Kraeshia- new players have come to town, and Amara is a most interesting villainess. She is complicated and interesting, but relatable.
5. Sanctuary- Immortal beings called Watchers who meddle with mortals.

This book is so amazing from start to finish. We get development into Cleo and Magnus' relationship (which I am such a huge shipper of them). Jonas finally gets a chance to do something, and new alliances are made that are surprising, but make so much sense. As with Game of Thrones, there are unexpected deaths. Lucia becomes a sort of villainess of her own, but it makes sense why she goes there. There are several reveals and plot twists that are just delicious! And Amara pulls some antics that left me gasping. I am so glad I did this re-read because now I can't wait to re-read the next book and am anxious to read the book that is just about to be released this year! Believe me, it's worth the buildup. Pick up this series now!

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  1. I really need to get caught up on this series. I've only read the first 3 books, but I really enjoyed them.