Thursday, March 19, 2015

#Mysterytwittertheater - Ensconced in Death... Find my Killer... and get some awesome loot while you're at it!

Something’s not right. I can’t explain it. I just feel…strange. And where am I? Why is it so dark? I don’t know what time it is. I can’t remember what I was doing before, well, right now. I remember leaving work. I planned to go to the library, bookstore, and coffee shop. But I’m not sure if I made it to all three. I’m not even sure if I made it to any of those places.

And now I’m…nowhere. Wait, what’s that over there? On the ground. It looks like…Oh no, could it be? It is—it’s me! And I’m so pale. I’m not breathing. “Wake up, Ensconced! You’ve got books to read!”

But I don’t wake up. I’m not Ensconced in Lit anymore. I’m Ensconced in Death.

Figure 1. Me. Ensconced. Preserved in an action pose. Or a deathly one. Whatever. Sue me, I'm dead.

I don’t know who did this to me, but I know why. I had this epic prize pack from Paula Stokes—all kinds of LIARS, INC. stuff and mystery crime scene prizes too. And now it’s gone. Someone took it, and I’m betting that someone is the killer.

Figure 2. LIARS, INC. prize pack includes a hand-painted LIARS tote bag from Pivot Book Totes, a signed finished copy of the novel, a notebook for writing down all your clues, a mini flashlight for investigating in dark places, a crime scene lanyard so no one crosses you while you’re hunting for evidence, crime scene candy, bookmarks, postcards, magnets, and special mystery gifts.

Hey. You there. You look smart. Are you good at figuring stuff out? If you help find my killer, you can bring him or her to justice and make sure no one else gets hurt. Oh and you can also recover the LIARS prize pack and keep it for yourself! I bet Paula is already trying to hunt down this criminal. Head over to her blog to get more information and start gathering evidence. Good luck!

Oh, but watch your back. The killer could be almost anyone…

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  1. "You’ve got books to read!" <---- LOL I love that! Hope I can catch the killer for ya :D

    1. I hope you do too!!! My TBR list is looooong! ;-) Good luck!