Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Writer's Cramp: The Vacation

Welcome back to another Cramp entry! I love people checking out my Writer's Cramp entries, so I'm going to make it a regular part of my blog! Again, I highly recommend for people interested in writing to check out www.writing.com. It's free, you get to meet a lot of people, and it's tons of fun. The Writer's Cramp is a contest held every 24 hours, and you get immediate feedback from the judges. Plus, other people comment as well! Just keep your entry under 1000 words!

Prompt: Write about going on vacation.

Tanya rolled over and turned off the alarm. She flung back her tousled blond curls and stretched long, lithe arms. She heard shower sounds in the bathroom. Hank must already be up for work. The fuzzy warmth of the blankets made it hard for her to want to place her feet on the chilly hardwood floor. But Tommy had to get to the school bus on time, and the day had to start. She rubbed her eyes. Hard to believe it was her anniversary today.

She winced as her perfectly manicured toe grazed the dark wood surface of the floor. Grabbing a fluffy, blue bathrobe, she wrapped it around herself. Glancing back at the gorgeous master bedroom, she remembered why she picked this particular layout. Large, coffered ceilings, huge windows with white, wooden blinds, and a mahogany bedset. The headboard gleamed, with golden striations flickering in the morning sunlight. She smiled, hugging the bathrobe tighter to her body and made her way to her son’s room.

She opened the door gently. He was turning eight soon, but still had his rosy, plump cheeks that just begged to be pinched. Dark curls framed his face, and he was breathing gently with sleep. She hated to wake him. Tommy’s eyes popped open suddenly. “Boo!” he cried out, jumping out of the bed.

She shrieked and then ran after him giggling. “Shower, now!” she cried, and he trudged sheepishly to the hallway bathroom.

When she made her way back to the master, Hank was drying off with a monogrammed white towel. She admired his chiseled body and darkly handsome face with intense icy blue eyes and suppressed burgeoning desire. She still couldn’t believe she was with this man. But he was everything she had wanted and more. Hank turned and saw her, a slow, burning smile growing on his face.

“You are one sexy woman,” he growled and grabbed her and dipped her in a kiss, trailing his lips against her neck.

She pushed him away, smiling. “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet,” she said. He cocked an eyebrow. “Later,” he promised her, making her shiver.

She stepped into the shower, hot water raining down her back. As she picked up the shampoo, she admired the marble work on the walls and the glass doors to the shower. It was hard to believe she was here.

She would wait to dry her hair, she decided, and rushed downstairs to start breakfast. “Eggs and toast?” she asked Tommy, as she wiped down the shining, granite countertop.

“Blueberry pancakes!” he exclaimed.

She put on a fake frown. “You know that’s just a treat for your birthday.” She came around the breakfast bar and started tickling him.

He laughed, a perfect sound to her ears. Hank made his way into the kitchen, gave her a kiss on her still wet hair and a quick hug.  “We have dinner reservations for tonight, sweetheart. At your favorite restaurant.” He could still make her heart flutter.

“What about me?” Tommy said, around a mouthful of eggs.

“You get to spend the night at your best friend’s house.” Tanya said, knowing what his response would be.

“Really?” His brown eyes were wide. “Yes!”

Hank laughed. “I guess we have permission then!”

Tanya couldn’t wait for the evening to start. But first, a massage and haircut at her favorite salon. She deserved to be pampered once in a while.

She was wearing a dazzling dark blue dress with a slit showing her perfectly tanned skin. Her curls had been done up in a messy updo, with a couple of tendrils framing her face. She preferred the natural look, and so did Hank, and her cheeks glowed with a hint of blush and lips rosy and full. She trembled inside knowing what was to come.

She could tell Hank couldn’t keep his eyes off of her from the moment he saw her. She loved this restaurant, but she was more interested in the feast that awaited them afterwards. She wondered if maybe they could just take dessert home with them.

The courses flew by, and the rich flavors of the cabarnet tingled in her mouth. Hank kept touching her hand, fingers grazing her thigh, his intense blue gaze of appreciation on every part of her body.

The ride home was a little rushed, and Tanya was grateful they didn’t get a ticket. Her dress lay forgotten in a glimmering blue pool at the bottom of the stairs, and they were devouring each other by the time she had kicked off her heels and made it to the bedroom. As he caressed her, Tanya couldn’t remember a more perfect day.


“Time’s up,” said the man.

Tanya had the unpleasant sensation of metal on her face, and she reached up with pudgy fingers to take visor off.

“How was your vacation?” he asked, broken front teeth making his smile more of a sneer.

“Not long enough,” Tanya muttered as she tried to move her ponderous body, but waves of excessive skin were wedged into the chair that was a little too tight for comfort. She panted as she struggled upwards.

“Here’s your motor chair, miss,” he said. She puffed and heaved as she plopped herself into her chair. “I included the tip,” she said as she waved her credit chip in front of the machine.

It was odd to think this used to be everyday life, Tanya thought to herself as she puttered to the elevator. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

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  1. Another great piece of writing that made me laugh in places, and which was really engaging from beginning to end. I found it not only enjoyable but i could see the imagination and creative flair behind it, which makes your writing so unique (as we all have our own personal styles). Thank you x

  2. Oh my gosh so good and the ending was so disappointing, poor woman!

  3. I like the way you describe the action.

  4. I like how you make the reader think you're going in one direction and the character's life is all sunshine and butterflies, but then you add a twist! It keeps the reader on their toes! Good Job! I really liked this one!

  5. I LOVE THIS<3 i love how descriptive it is!

  6. i loveeee this<3 love how descriptive it is, love the plot, great job!

  7. Haha even it's short, it's got good humor and action scenes which is admirable! :) I agree with them, you did a great job!

  8. It felt more like daily life then vacation. I bet she was sad when it was over.

  9. This is an amazing short story:) Thanks for the extra prompt too:) haha