Friday, November 9, 2012

Winner of the Dystopian Blog Hop and Feature and Follow (19)

First of all, congrats to Sunny who won the Dystopian blog hop!

It's been a LONG week! So glad I'm almost to my day off!

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Q: Do you mind books with similar ideas to other books? Similar concepts, backgrounds, retellings or pulled-to-publish fanfic?

This is a good question. If the book is good and brings something new to the table, I'm okay with it. But I don't think anyone is entirely original these days. I love this quotation from Mark Twain.

'.....substantially all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources, and daily used by the garnerer with a pride and satisfaction born of the superstition that he originated them; whereas there is not a rag of originality about them anywhere except the little discoloration they get from his mental and moral calibre and his temperament, which is revealed in characteristics of phrasing. . . . It takes a thousand men to invent a telegraph, or a steam engine, or a phonograph, or a photograph, or a telephone, or any other Important thing-- and the last man gets the credit and we forget the others. He added his little mite--that is all he did.

In 1868 I read Dr. Holmes's poems, in the Sandwich Islands. A year and a half later I stole his dedication, without knowing it, and used it to dedicate my "Innocents Abroad" with. Ten years afterward I was talking with Dr. Holmes about it. He was not an ignorant ass--no, not he; . . . and so when I said, "I know now where I stole, but who did you steal it from?" he said, "I don't remember; I only know I stole it from somebody, because I have never originated anything altogether myself, nor met anybody who had."
- Letter to Anne Macy. Reprinted in Anne Sullivan Macy, The Story Behind Helen Keller (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Doran, and Co., 1933), p.162.

Anyway, I tend to gravitate towards certain genres, such as sci fi and dystopian-- and they have similar elements. Even all YA books have certain elements that I lean towards. 

That said, if there is a copycat book, I absolutely detest that. At the same time, if I feel that the author brings really fresh and original ideas, I give brownie points for that, because it's so difficult to do right.

What do you guys think?

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  1. That's great. That's kind of what I was trying to say, thought not as eloquently as Twain. There's only so many basic stories, and great authors just keep re-telling them. Such talent! Great answer. My FF

  2. OOoh I love that Twain quote! Absolutely brilliant; I wish I could've said my answer as beautifully as he did.
    old follower :)
    Here’s my FF

  3. Great answer, and I adore that quote!

    New Follower!
    Kristen @OCA

  4. I agree - I usually don't mind as long as there is some originality - something different, even if the books are a similar concept.

  5. I think there is acceptable use (especially where mythology and fairytales are concerned) and unacceptable. Sometimes it gets a blurry and you have to make a judgement call.

    My follow friday! Please visit!

  6. True, most books have similar elements and that doesn't bother me at all. Truly every book I read is different from the last and I read a lot of paranormals!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)