Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Curmudgeon Gives Thanks

Welcome back, everyone! I think that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to complain on Thanksgiving, so instead I'm going to give thanks instead.

First, I'd like to thank my sister, CB, who has been so positive and encouraging about my passion for YA novels, and has been a wonderful co-blogger for the Curmudgeon's Corner Rants section.

Thank you to Jessi from Reading in the Corner, who gave me the tools to make my blogging dream a reality.

A huge thank you to two spectacular St. Louis author friends of mine, who unfailingly leave comments on my blog on a regular basis: Antony John who wrote the amazing Five Flavors of Dumb and who just came out with another wonderful book this week, Elemental and Fiona Paul, who wrote the fabulous Venom.

Thank you to Shawn Keenan, author of the amazing The Intern's Tale, who has been my writing partner and who encouraged me to enter the Writer's Cramp competition , which became quite an obsession AND its own section on my blog, and who has also contributed to the Rant section to my glee. Here's to your next book and here's hopefully to mine!

Thank you to Vicky Savage, author of the terrific Transcender: First Timer who has been so enthusiatic from the start about my blog and was the first author to spotlight my blog on her book. Can't wait to read your next books!

Thanks to Sara Zaske, author of the fabulous The First, who encouraged me to start this blog in the first place.

Thank you to all of the terrific authors who have donated their time, money, and books (and postage!) to this blog, including: Kendare Blake, Lisa Burstein, Andrew Cotto, Scott Cramer, C.S. Einfeld, Amanda Gerry and Christy Hall, Krista Holle, Alyssa Rose Ivy, Corrine Jackson, Antony John, Shawn Keenan, Jodi Meadows, Caragh O'Brien, Fiona Paul, Ingrid Ricks, Tracy Rozzlynn, Vicky Savage and Sara Zaske. These names only include authors that have interviews already posted. There will be many more to thank next year!

Thank you to bloggers and readers who stop by on a regular basis and comment!

Thanks to some great bloggers who have terrific blogs and memes, including Breaking the Spine, I Am a Reader, Not A Writer, Parajunkee, and Alison Can Read.

Thank you to all my friends and family who support me every day (and my blog).

Thank you to my husband, B, who supports me unfailingly even though some other people think my hobby might be silly... he doesn't! 

Sorry if I forgot to include you, it doesn't mean anything, it just means I have a bad memory!  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


  1. And thank YOU, Christina, for your wonderful blog, unflagging support, expert beta reading abilities, and for being such an all-around lovely person. St. Louis is lucky to have you!