Friday, September 14, 2012

Feature and follow (11)

FF 2012 Feature & Follow #114Time for a blog hop :-)This has been an extremely busy week and I haven't had enough time to blog as much as I would like to, but hopefully I can make up for it this weekend!

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Q: What hyped up book do you think was not worth all the talk?

Great question! I have to agree with the Fifty Shades of Grey answer.

Rant on Fifty Shades 

 Also, Pure by Julianna Baggott is the other.

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  1. Oh, Pure! Glad I'm not the only one who couldn't go through with that one. LOL

  2. I agree with both your choices. Sadly, I learnt them the hard way.
    My post - FF #1
    New follower via GFC, follow me back? :)

  3. I really like Pure! It was quite disturbing, but I enjoyed it. as for Fifty Shades...I did read all three books, and they're pretty bad, but I loved them anyway! It was like a trainwreck that I couldn't stop staring it!

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  4. Yeah, I wont even read 50 Shades. lol

    Old follower-
    My FF

  5. Never heard of Pure and I didn't read Fifty Shades of Gray although I heard it was basically adult stay at home mommy porn. I love love love loved The Host. It's one of my all time favorites. 8) New Follower!

  6. Glad to find someone who agrees with me! I just don't get it. *shakes head* Newest follower!

  7. Wow. Fifty Shades is very popular answer today. It never made it onto my radar because after hearing about it once I knew it wasn't for me.

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  8. Pure is one I could NOT get through either! Try as I may. I read all 3 of the 50 Shades and the first was ok, it was exciting and a novelty, 2nd and 3rd were corny and contrived and same old same old.
    I cant find your gfc or twitter or email sign up. Please let me know so i can properly follow you.
    Follow Friday

    1. It's all on the right side column-- it should be easy to find! Let me know. Thanks for your comment.

  9. FSoG is the most popular answer I've seen. I haven't read them and I don't plan on reading them. LOL. I just don't get the hype at all. I will definitely be reading your rant!

    New follower via GFC

    My FF

  10. Ravioli... and Elemental power? AIR!

    AS for your choices, I've not read them, but yeah, 50 Shades is all over the place... and I've heard it's a horribly written book, so I don't plan on reading XD

    Old follower

  11. Hey Christina. Sorry it has taken me till Sunday to comment back. lol I agree with you on Fifty Shades. I did enjoy it, but I totally thought the BDSM part was extremely lame and the Red Room of Pain made me laugh every time. I think it is completely ridiculous that it is changing marriages, but hey that's just me.

    Old Follower