Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last Celebration for my Blogoversary: #EnsconcedinLit Twitter Party June 19, 7pm CST, tons of prizes!

I can't believe it's been two years already! Come help finish off the celebration at my Blogoversary Twitter Party!

Just a couple of reminders for the party: 
WHERE: Twitter, use #EnsconcedinLit to join
WHEN: June 19, 7pm CST.
WHO: The Twitter bookish population!
PRIZES:The rest of the Blogoversary giveaway prizes that haven't gone yet! All of them are awesome-- I didn't include anything in prizes that I wouldn't want myself!

Tips for the party: 
1. You should have a twitter account.
2. You should be following me @CAhnBooks to ensure that I see your tweets and that I can contact you with prize information.
3. After each comment, you should end it with #EnsconcedinLit or else I won't see it.
4. I'll be selecting winners RANDOMLY throughout the party, so the more you participate and the LONGER you participate, the more likely you are to win a prize.
5. Retweets will NOT count towards a prize. But these are nice to do for your fellow tweeters if you like what they are saying.
6. If you win a prize, I'll be sending you a google document to fill out. I will confirm your prizes after the party!
7. I usually do a contest at the end of the party for a bonus prize!
8. The EASIEST way to follow a twitter party is to hook up your account to a chat program. I use http://twubs.com All you have to do is put #EnsconcedinLit at the top of the page where it says "Enter hashtags." It should prompt you to link up your twitter account. Say yes. Then you should be good to go! The other nice thing about this is that you don't have to type the hashtag after each comment, the program automatically does it for you. And you don't have to search for the hashtag, it automatically just follows the convo.
9. To those poor souls who don't have a twitter account. It's totally EASY. Get a twitter account! I finally got one for my blog, and it took literally seconds to set up. I'm so sorry, but if you don't have a twitter account, you won't be eligible for the prizes.
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