Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blogoversary Day 6: Thank Yous to our Contributors!

First of all, thank you, everyone for joining with me to celebrate my blogoversary! I hope you've been having fun! I'll continue to pick winners of the giveaway up to the twitter party, so keep tweeting every day, and then I'll give the remainder of the prizes out in the party! :-)

So many wonderful authors, bloggers, and bookstore contributed to the amazing blogoversary prizes that you've been eligible for! So it wouldn't be right to not thank them again for their generous contributions!

Rachel Harris, author of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century and many others!

Tammara Webber, author of Easy and Breakable

Anna Banks, author of the Syrena Trilogy

Ingrid Ricks, author of Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story

Hannah Parry, author of Isabella Rockwell's War

Howard Shapiro, author of The Stereotypical Freaks and The Hockey Saint

Alyssa Rose Ivy, author of many romantic paranormal novels

Katie Williams, author of Absent

Lenore Appelhans, author of The Memory of After

Vicky Savage, author of the Transcender series

Victoria Scott, author of the Dante Walker trilogy, Fire and Flood

Lindsey Loucks, author of Grave Winner

Tamara Ireland Stone, author of Time Between Us and Time After Time

Paula Stokes, author of The Art of Lainey, and the TBR Liars, Inc and Vicarious

Lissa Price, author of Starters and Enders

Kat Zhang, author of What's left of me, Once We Were, and the soon to be released Echoes of Us

AG Howard, author of the Splintered series

Left Bank Books

Crystal of Crystal in Bookland

Meredith of Pandora's Books

Kayla of Wonderland

Mary Knox from Mary Had a Little Book Blog

Julia B. of YA Book Nerd Reviews

Make sure to answer today's question for your last entries into the giveaway! Thanks so much for joining with me to celebrate my blog's two year anniversary

Don't forget the one last event, the #EnsconcedinLit Twitter Party, June 19th at 7pm CST for one hour! I'll be giving away the rest of the prizes then!

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  1. I love books for taking me away from my everyday life into new worlds. I am grateful for the authors for their creativity to write such beautiful stories and the bloggers for sharing new releases, reviews, and having giveaways of course! Thanks!

  2. First of all: Happy Blogoversary! I hope your will be live long time and you have a lot of readers! :-)
    And I want to say thank you this amazing giveaway! I'm very happy that I have opportunity, because this giveaway is international too!

    Thank you! :-)

  3. I'm grateful for books, blogging, and the book blogging community because, without them, I'm not entirely sure what I would've done during my teen years and that's a scary thought.

  4. Just reading in general. Reading keeps me from thinking about all of the evilness in this world we live in. I get so tired of turning on the television and seeing all of the murders, shootings, etc.. that are going on. I love getting lost in books, so to all authors, bloggers, publishers, bookstores, etc.. I thank you for keeping me sane. I love reading blog posts about amazing books that I haven't had the pleasure of knowing about until I read it on your blog or others. Happy Blogovesary!!

  5. I'm thankful for all authors and bloggers because they take time out of their days to write/blog about the books.Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  6. I'm thankful for blogs that tell me about new books! I've found a lot of good authors and friends through blogging!

  7. I'm grateful for the escape. I've gone through a lot of rough patches in my life, and books helped me to get through it all.

  8. I love books for taking me away from the real world....

  9. I'm thankful for books because they inspire me, make me laugh, make me cry, and take me to another world all within a number of pages. I'm thankful to authors for creating these wonderful things and also for being AWESOME. I'm thankful for blogging because I get to talk about books and meet new friends virtually :) Happy Blogoversary!!

  10. I'm really grateful for authors, books and book bloggers in general! The community is so great, supportive, informative and excited about books and writing every day and it's so wonderful to be apart of it.

  11. I use books to escape so I'm grateful for these amazing writers who create these wonderful worlds for me to escape to and for these amazing bloggers who introduce me to these worlds <3

  12. I love books so I was so excited when I heard about this giveaway.And when I saw that The Testing was part of it.Thank you for making this giveaway and happy blogoversary! :D

  13. I love books so I was excited when I heard about this giveaway!And also about The Testing!Thank you for the giveaway and happy blogoversary!

  14. Books give me a way to live lives I would never live myself to feel for people and am so grateful to get to feel so many emotions as I read! I love blogging as it allows me a way to express my feelings about what I just read and share that with fellow readers! Then authors are the best because they make the two things that I love and enjoy the most possible! I would not be able to read or blog with out amazing authors to write the books!!! Thank you for hosting such an amazing event, congrats and it has been a lot of fun!!!

  15. Thankful for authors for writing books, for bloggers who create hype for books and also since I find out about books from them :)

  16. Thank you for everything! I have read so many of these books and consider some of them my all-time favorites! :)

    I love the blog, Christina!

  17. I have read so many of these books and consider some of them as my all-time favorites! This has been so much fun.

    Thank you for everything!

  18. I'm grateful for books because they allow me to escape life even for just a brief amount of time. I love how I can learn and feel through books. They can take me all across the world without actually leaving my room. I am thankful for the amazing and talented people who write these inspiring books that have the power to make me feel better no matter what my mood. And I am grateful for the bloggers that spread the joy and inform me about other amazing reads and releases.

  19. Authors are so great. I love making new friends. Bloggers especially No BS Book Review have been so great about advice. Books help yu dive into a world you never knew existed. As a writer you get to explore that as well.