Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cover Reveal: Illuminosity (Transcender 3) by Vicky Savage and $50 Amazon GC giveaway!

Dear Readers:
I'm so excited to welcome back one of my all time favorite self published authors, Vicky Savage! As you know, I've raved about her first two books in the Transcender trilogy, which have been romantic, fast paced, and basically, just a lot of fun! You all need to read them if you haven't already.

Drum roll, please...

Here's the cover!

Isn't it amazing?? I love the gorgeous purple colors!

Book Description:

In this highly anticipated conclusion to the Transcender Trilogy, Jaden Beckett faces her greatest challenges to date. Her choice is clear: leave the love of her life or face certain death.

With Warrington Palace under siege, Jaden and Ryder are wrenched away from each other, as the powerful Inter-Universal Guidance Agency seeks Jaden’s ultimate demise. Heartsick and alone, she begins a new chapter of life as a Transcender, only to discover that her fiercest battle has yet to come.
Is Jaden safe anywhere in the galaxy? Or should IUGA ask itself that question, having underestimated her before?

With her usual wit and tenacity, Jaden fights to discover her place in the multiverse, the true meaning of destiny, and the keys to the mystery of eternal love.

About Vicky:
Prior to becoming an author and publisher of young adult fiction, Vicky Savage enjoyed many diverse occupations; flagman on a construction crew, trial lawyer, and healthcare company executive, to name a few. She is currently working on Book 3 of the Transcender Trilogy, as well as collaborating on a screenplay. She lives on the west coast of Florida with her boyishly charming husband, handsome son, and two effervescent dogs.
Visit the author at www.vickysavage.com

You guys have to get your hands on this book! And for those of you who haven't read the first two, get on that!

And now, enter to win some terrific prizes!

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  1. the cover has nice color and is enticing
    lisa brown

  2. Thanks Christina for hosting my cover reveal. You're the best! And, thanks Lisa for the kind comment. Hope everyone is pleased with the final installment of the trilogy. I loved writing it, but will miss my characters.

  3. That cover is beautiful! I love the purples and violets.

  4. I love how green her eyes are and the purples.

  5. Love the bright eyes! Thanks!

  6. Thanks so much for the giveaway & great post! I love the strikingly beautiful, eye-catching cover - which is fantastic :)

  7. No sugar-coating? The stock used for the cover is great, but manipulation looks cheap. The colors are beautiful; still, something about the middle and top part don't seem to be working out very well. It leaves somewhat sparkly-princessy feel. But I haven't read the books yet, so I wouldn't know if maybe it fits the story.
    Eyes blending into the background is a common element, but in my mind a very dangerous one, and too common a mistake. If done right, it can make a gorgeous cover, but in most cases it just doesn't work out.
    I've got a personal thing with men with naked chests posing in the middle as well. I like abs, sure, but since they're overly common on book covers, those books rarely attract me. Especially those too-old-to-be-teen guys on YA covers. I see that way too often and still don't get what's up with that.
    Overall, it's not too bad. It can catch the eye and I love the bottom third of the cover. And after reading the summaries, the trilogy interests me.
    Not trying to be mean, of course. I wish the author good luck! Also, thanks for the giveaway! :)

  8. The cover is nice and the color looks great. I think the cover portrays the theme of the book aswell.

    Thanks for the nice giveaway. :)

  9. The cover is very eye catching! Thank you for this giveaway!

  10. I love the cover, but really I can't wait to read this book! Vicky Savage is an awesome writer snd she knows how to reel you in and keep you on edge! Love love love this series!

  11. I am so excited for this giveaway, the Trancender series has easily become one of my favorites all of the cover art is beautiful but Illuminositys cover is the best I love the colors, and Jadens eyes. I hope this is Vickys interpretation of Ryder because he's a looker for sure! I can't wait to read it! <3 Alexis

  12. I'm so excited for this giveaway! The Trancender series has quickly become one of my favorites. I love all the covers but Illuminositys is the most beautiful by far I like all the color, Jadens Eyes as usual look amazing and I hope this is our Ryder standing amongst Jadens world, hopefully with her :) I can't wait to find out what happens! COME ON MAY 15th! -Alexis

  13. I think its beautiful!

  14. I think the cover is awesome! I like the eyes.

    Thomas Murphy
    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  15. I think the cover leaves a bit of mystery. Makes you curious to read the book.