Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, Meredith! To one of the best bloggers in the entire universe! :-)

Dear All: 
Today is Meredith's (Pandora's Books) Birthday! She has been an amazing blogger and friend.

Pandora's Books
Top 5 Reasons I love Meredith of Pandora Books
5. She is so generous. Whenever I've asked her for anything, she's always says yes, and jumps at the chance to help others.

4. She loves books. She's one of my favorite people on the twitterverse because we can chat about anything and everything, and I'll never get bored!

3. She is super creative. She loves taking an idea and taking it a step further to make it new and exciting. She's truly a blogger to watch.

2. She's very supportive of other bloggers and authors. She will do all she can to promote any of us just because she wants to!

1. She's an amazing friend. She kept hounding me to send me a wishlist of books that she could send me for Christmas, but I didn't want her to get me anything, so I didn't send her a list. Instead, she sent me this really amazing Christmas card, which was my favorite of the year. I'm so incredibly lucky to have her as a friend.

Everyone wish Meredith a happy birthday today because she seriously is that awesome! On Twitter, use the hashtag #aMERzingbday !!!!
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  1. A lot of birthdays this month, mine's coming up soon!

  2. Awww, Thank you so much Christina!!! This is amazing and so sweet of you!!!!! xoxo !!!! And I'm still holding you to that wish list!!!!! <333333333333

  3. Isn't Meredith amazing? She is an awesome person, friend and of course blogger and I love and adore this woman!

  4. Christina, you are so cool for posting this! I wish I talked to Mer more because now, I'm starting to fade to black. I agree with everything you said. <333