Saturday, July 27, 2013

Most Creative Blog Voting is Up! Would really appreciate your vote!

Hey guys,
Don't forget to vote in the Bloggy Awards 13 in general, but then also, vote today for Most Creative Blog! This was the wonderful blurb by Fiona Paul (her real name is Paula Stokes, which is what you should follow her as now, she has some great books coming out!) about my blog:

Ensconced in YAEnsconced in YA

So here's the deal about Ensconced in YA. Yes, it's hard to type right. And some of you might not even know what the word ensconced means. And it's true, Christina doesn't have a ginormous multi-colored header with animated rainbow and puppies. But the blog is GOOD, people.

For one, Christina has amassed 2000 followers in just over a year. That's crazy, yo! I can still count all my blog followers on the toes of my cats, and I have multiple Big Six publishing deals. Clearly, she is doing something right. Here's a rundown of some of the creative things she does:
  • twitter parties that utilize various contest formats
  • sections on her blog that appeal specifically to writers, readers, and bloggers
  • story prompts for writers
  • snippets of her own writing. Look! She's creating! That's creative, no?
  • rants--sometimes by her, sometimes by guest bloggers, about things that really grind our gears #FamilyGuyReference
  • author and character interviews that don't just ask the same 5 questions that have been answered all over the interwebs
  • FB question prompts like "How would you define the trope of Instalove?" (I bet THAT was an animated discussion!)
  • a high degree of support for indie and self-pub'd authors, which isn't common on big 2000 follower blogs
In addition to all of this, her blog is easy-to-read, informative, and professional. As an author, I don't have a lot of time to read blogs, so I always enjoy a blog like Ensconced in YA that is lighter on graphics (and thus loads quickly) but heavy on information. Vote for Christina as Most Creative Blogger because clearly she rocks or I would not have taken the time to write her this rather lengthy endorsement while on deadline :) FIONA SAYS VOTE ENSCONCED IN YA FOR MOST CREATIVE!
-Fiona Paul, author of Venom, Belladonna, and Starling

Here's the link: go vote, and THANK YOU!


  1. I voted-happy to support your awesome blog!

  2. I voted too. What a great write up. And congrats on your amazing success!!