Friday, June 21, 2013

Ensconced in YA Turns One! Day 5: Traditionally published Authors that have changed my life

Before we start today, I just wanted to say that I was so excited about this terrific giveaway, that I gave away TWO prizes last night. So the mystery box of YA books and the signed Splintered hardback are gone, but tons more to win!

And how can I forget the amazing authors that I have met this year? After I got over my fangirly squeal, I realized how down to earth, interesting, and just really cool people these authors were. I have to highlight two particular local authors who have totally changed my life.

1. Antony John -  Antony was the first author I met locally. He's written the amazing book Five Flavors of Dumb, along with a dystopian trilogy (the first book of which I am giving away). I actually met him through his wife who works in the same hospital that I do. I don't think they ever really expected me to go out, buy his book, and review it. Since then, we've had several get togethers-- talking about books, life and publishing. He's also been a fount of very valuable advice. He is savvy in more ways than writing, down to earth, and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I'm so fortunate to know him.

2. Fiona Paul - Fiona is the terrific author of Venom. I met her through Antony, and ever since, I've been getting tons of advice, great stories, and best of all, just plain good friendship. She is a wonderful person on top of being a super hardworking and talented author. If I ever feel down about how my non-existent book is going or how mean people can be on the internet, she's there supporting me every step of the way. Plus, I get first access to all of her awesome sauce books! Who's the winner in all of this? I would have to say... me.

Other authors that I just have to name because of how incredibly sweet, smart, and talented they all are in no particular order: Tamara Ireland Stone,
Lenore Appelhans, Elizabeth Richards, Lauren Oliver, Kathleen Peacock and AG Howard.

Today's question: Which traditionally published authors have you loved and why?
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  1. I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Scott-so excited for her new release coming from Harlequin Teen!

  2. I love Tamara Ireland too! I am also a big fan of Meg Cabot.

  3. I would just like to add that Antony John has also changed MY life, that he saw Venom in the Penguin catalog and was like "we should have coffee!" And from that moment has been a friend, confidante, beta-reader, and just a wise wise publishing person who seems to enjoy helping me navigate the shark-filled waters.

    Also, Ms. Christina Ahn, blogger to the famous and less-famous. You, too, have been a source of book-information, medical-information, support, and general happiness.

    And for these reasons, and others, you are both mentioned by name in the STARLING acknowledgments :)

    PS I received my Venom paperbacks after you had asked for swag. is it too late to throw a signed one into the prize mix?

  4. I already read Elemental and loved it! Can't wait for the next one!

  5. Awww . . . the feeling's mutual :)

  6. I love Charles Finch! He's been very supportive and he’s just kind. I sent some books for him to sign and when I received my copies he threw in an extra signed copy of his then newest release to pass on to a friend. This was AFTER he had already sent me a signed copy of it. Like I said, he’s been very supportive. I freaked a little when I heard he reads my reviews, but now I don’t pay attention. LOL!

  7. I adore Andrew Smith. I've read every book that he's written and none of them mirror each other, they're all original and interesting and Andrew really puts himself into his books, his characters. I totally dig that about him.



  8. I've always loved Eoin Colfer. He's the one who got me back into books when I was 14 with Artemis Fowl. I love Karen Marie Moning too, her Fever series is amazing! And also Tahereh Mafi. Her writing is amazing!

  9. I fell in love with horror stories when I was young so I would read anything that Stephen King wrote. Now that I'm older I also enjoy the writing of P.C. Cast, she has such a variety of worlds to visit. I can get that touch of horror on girly level when I want it or I can go the opposite and live in magical world as a Goddess.
    I read almost any genre and she fits my tastes perfectly.
    Congrats & thanks again on your giveaways 8)
    Michelle Hofacker

  10. Jennifer Echols! After a long time of avoiding YA because I just thought it was for teenagers and wouldn't hold my interest, I picked up a Jennifer Echols book and fell in love. I've been hooked since