Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ensconced in YA Turns ONE! Day 3: Some Favorite Indie Authors who have changed my life

If you've been following me thus far, you know that one of the reasons I started my blog was to support indie authors and give them a bigger audience if I loved their books. I've come across several that have become good friends, supported me in one way or another, and all have wowed me with their awesome books.

In no particular order:

1. Ingrid Ricks (see Day 1 post). As you know from Monday's post, she is the author of the now New York Times bestselling novel, Hippie Boy: A Girl's Tale! I think the post speaks for itself :-)

2. Vicky Savage- Vicky was one of the first authors that I ever contacted, and Transcender: First Timer was one of the first books I've ever reviewed. That was when I got the reviewing bug. She's been my confidante, friend, supporter, and peer ever since. I don't know what I would have done without her! She has been a loyal supporter of my blog since day one. You should definitely pick up her books too-- they are fantastic.

3. Howard Shapiro- Howard is one of my new indie author friends. He wrote the fantastic YA graphical novel, The Stereotypical Freaks. I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. But I cried because it was so moving. Since then, he's been a great friend and someone I really admire. We talk on a regular basis, and he tells me all of his adventures at BEA, etc. I can't wait for the sequel of Freaks to come out!

4. Christina Smith - Christina emailed me one day and wanted me to edit one of her books. I didn't realize how fantastic it would be! She is a terrific writer. We emailed at least 5 times a day, and it was one of the most fun exchanges I've ever had. We hashed out plot points, talked about our personal lives, and it was glorious. Since then, we've supported each other through thick and thin, and I'm so excited for her next book to come out!

5. Shawn Keenan - Shawn is someone I consider my crit partner, even though I haven't really written anything of substance yet. I met him after reviewing his book on Librarything, and he emailed me back, thanking me for the review. Since then we've hashed out one of his other books-- the wonderful The Intern's Tale, and his most current book, which I'm not going to talk about, but I think this is THE ONE. He's amazing and always supports what little I do write with really insightful comments. He also periodically guest posts on my blog with his terrific rants.

Other indie authors I love include: Stephanie Judice, Diantha Jones, Sara Zaske, Erika Kathryn, Leonie Rogers, Andrea Colt, Ashley Farley, Scott Cramer, Samantha Durante, Jennifer Lane, Kaitlin Bevis, Lindsey Loucks, Anna Silver just to name a few.

But honestly, if I worked with you, you are a favorite of mine. So even if you don't see your name on this list, that doesn't mean anything. I love all of you!!! :-)

Today's question: Who are some of YOUR favorite indie writers?

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  1. Ah, Christina, your kind comments made my day! Congratulations on your one year anniversary and all your great successes!

  2. Congrats again!

    I really like Tamara Ireland Stone and Rachel Harris on your list... Not sure if you would consider them indie writers...

    1. May: I agree they are not indie writers-- the giveaway is for the whole week blogoversary. The authors mentioned in the post are indie writers, but there are traditionally published authors also contributing to the giveaway, which is why they are on the rafflecopter :-)

  3. My favorite is Melissa Haag and her "judgement of the six" series!

  4. I cracked the top five! In your face, number six! Thanks for the shout out, Christina. It inspired me to crank out a rant for your column, but I'm in too good a mood now to complain. There's alway tomorrow!

  5. Very sweet, thank you Christina! And congrats on one year.

  6. Congrats to you! I like Susan Kaye Quinn and loved learning about the authors you listed! I will have to check them out! Thanks for this amazing giveaway - I would love to win!

  7. Love this sweet post-I don't read many indie authors but these are some names to keep on my mind.

  8. I'm glad you've had a great experience working these indie authors. It's great to excited when they have news to share. :D

    My fave indie authors have to be Rebecca Reid and Amy Maurer Jones (both have been amazing especially when I informed them I was leaving the ex-blog & they followed me to Lit, etc & have pretty much supported me).

  9. Some of my favorite indie authors are Stephanie Jackson, Andrew J. Morgan, and Willet Thomas. These three have written books that I just can't forget and am always recommending to everyone I meet. Stephanie was the first person I reviewed books for and I was blown away at how good they were. All three of these authors and all indie authors deserve so much more praise for their work. I love reviewing for them and love that you have your blog to help get their work out.
    Congrat again on your One year :) michelle hofacker

  10. This made my entire day! Thank you! :)

  11. I loved The Stereotypical Freaks also. It was so moving!

    My favorite indie writers are Diantha Jones, Inger Iversen, Natasha Boyd, Caisey Quinn, Devon Ashley and so on... ^^ I love them!

  12. I like the way you have designed this post. Very pretty!