Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prophecy of the Most Beautiful by Diantha Jones and INT giveaway!

Prophecy of the Most Beautiful (Oracle of Delphi, #1) Goodreads Book Description: She has a destiny so great that even the gods fear her.

Constant hallucinations and the frequent conversations with the voices in her head, have earned eighteen-year-old Chloe Clever the not-so-coveted title of "Whack Job" in her home town of Adel, Georgia. With the onslaught of prescription medications and therapists threatening to push her over the edge, she wishes for a life far away from the one she has, a life where she is destined to be more than the butt of everyone's jokes and mockery.

Be careful what you wish for has never rung more true.

After living through an attack from her worst nightmare, she awakens to find herself far from home, surrounded by glorious riches and servants…and a few demigods who enjoy killing things. Upon learning that her favorite rockstar is an Olympian god, she is thrust into her new life as the Oracle of Delphi, the prophesier of the future, and the great Pythia that the gods have been anxiously awaiting to arrive for centuries. Setting out to fulfill the prophecy she has been given and to keep her family safe from a demigod Princess that wants her dead, Chloe learns of how great she is to become, all the while fighting mythical monsters, evading divine assassins and trying to outwit the ever-cunning Greek gods who harbor secrets of their own. In the hopes of discovering the Most Beautiful and the truth of her destiny, she strives to uncover the mysteries of the demigod Prince who has sworn to protect her with his life…and threatens to win her heart in the process.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Review: I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Prophecy of the Most Beautiful by Diantha Jones is a wonderful adventure story starring Chloe Clever, who discovers pretty quickly that she is different from other teenaged girls. She hears voices and sees things, and everyone thinks she has a mental disorder. She quickly realizes that she is the Oracle, a being can see and hear the future and has important ties to the Greek myths of old. She meets Stafford Law, who is a demigod and her protector, and along with some of his brothers and friends, they try to figure out the Prophecy of the Most Beautiful before things go out of whack. For better or worse, they go out of whack, and we get to see the fallout.

There are many wonderful things about this book! The adventure and pacing are great. The information about Greek myth, Greece of old, and other background research seems spot on. The characters are fascinating and how they meld with the myths that we know is interesting to see play out. For the most part, Chloe is a wonderful protagonist, and we go along with her in the dark, finding things out as she does. The description is terrific, and I feel like I'm in every location that the characters are in. The best thing about this book is how imaginative it is-- I can feel ideas bursting from the page. This is Diantha's (and the book's) biggest strength.

I do have a couple of comments about this book. Sometimes there seems to be too much going on and too many storylines happening. We are trying to figure out this prophecy, and everyone conveniently never tells Chloe anything-- so there are a lot of questions unanswered. Second, I wanted to see more of a character arc with Chloe-- I wanted to see her grow from the uncertain high school girl to a more mature Oracle, but in fact, what we see is her getting too in love with her fame, and getting herself in trouble by acting before she thinks. That said, this is the first in a trilogy, so we have more time to see her grow. My last point kind of goes along with the first point-- there are jumps in POV, which for the most part make sense. However, there are random chapters where this happens, and we never return for 100's of pages. I almost wonder about revealing these things in Chloe's perspective instead.

Overall, a highly imaginative and beautifully described first novel in this series-- I have no doubt that Diantha Jones will just get better with every book she writes, and I am excited to continue to read her books as she develops as a writer.

Stay tuned for a interview with the author, but right now, sign up to win a signed copy of her book or Everneath by Brodi Ashton!
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  1. I love books that incorporate mythology into them. Count me in please :)


  2. This looks like a promising mythology novel!

  3. Haven't read many Mythology books but I'm a huge fan of the films. Looks like a great book and I can't wait to read it.

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  5. This is Becky Gardner and I love Greek Mythology, I got into it in High School and it is so fascinating. This book is going to be great, I can not wait to read it.

  6. My daughter would love this book.

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm just wondering how much influence Diantha had on her book cover. The lady on the book looks like she's straight out of the '70s.
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    1. Ha! You're actually not the first person to say that! There was really no 70's influence whatsoever. This is just how the cover came out and I loved it, so I kept it!

  8. I love Greek mythology, and this sounds like a great book. Good review :)

  9. Love the cover it's great. I love Greek mythology and this book sounds like a blast.

  10. Thanks for the honest review

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