Monday, July 8, 2013

The Bloggy Awards 2013

Hey gang! I just wanted to alert you to a great new event taking place this week called The Bloggy Awards. This is a great way to support your favorite blogs!

The Categories
(In no particular order and with explanations)
Nicest Blogger: The nicest blogger you know?
Twitter Fiend: Biggest online presence!
Best Design: The prettiest design
Blogging Fairy: The one who knows everything about anything bloggy.
Best Breakout Blog: New blog (under six months) with the biggest reaction
Best Tour Group Blog: The nicest tour group blog that hosts the best tours!
Most Influential: The blogger who's word is (almost) law
Best Group Blog: Your favorite 2+ people blog?
Most Creative Blog: Which blog has the most creative events/design
Trending Blog: What blog do you think is making it's name known?
Best Reviews: Who's reviews do you always read and use/consider?
Well-Known Blog: The biggest blog? 
Blogs, and Books, and Media, oh my: The author who blogs the most and has a big online presence! 

Most Social Author: What author do you think interacts with her fans the most?
Best Meme: The Meme you love the most?
Most Hilarious Review: Which review made you LOL?

Nicest Negative Review: The review that wasn't quite positive, but still managed to be nice about it?
Publishing Fun: Which Publisher hosted an event or website you like the most? (LEAVE NOMINATIONS FOR THIS IN THE COMMENTS) EX: Tea Time, Signings, Pulse It, Pitch Dark, Breathless Reads, Fierce Reads, etc.

The Schedule
Here's the schedule for voting. VOTING WILL LAST ONE WEEK. 
July 13-Announce the nominees (10-30%)
July 19-Best Breakout Blog and Trending Blog
July 20-Best Group Blog and Best Tour Blog
July 21-Best Design and Most Creative
July 22-Nicest Blogger and Well Known Blog
July 23-Twitter Fiend and Best Meme
July 24-Most Influential and Best Reviews
July 25-Blogging Fairy and Favorite Publisher
July 26-Most Hilarious Review and Nicest Negative Review
July 27-Most Social Author and Blogs, Books, and Media oh my
Aug 3-Winners

Click this button to nominate! :-)
Bloggy Awards

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