Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Updates :-)

First, I want to say a huge thank you to all of my followers-- I somehow am over 200 followers!!! :-) You guys rock.

Second, I have a new poll up-- I really want to know what you guys look for in the books you read. If you choose, "Other" I would love your comments so I know what I should have included :-)

Third, I am so totally excited to invite an awesome guest blogger, who has really great thoughts and insights about books in general. She will be writing some posts about fan fiction and other such things.

Fourth, I have a ton of really great updates on interviews and giveaways that are in the future. So make sure you continue to visit that tab as it is updated on a regular basis. The next giveaway starts next Monday. Lisa Burstein, the author of Pretty Amy, was gracious enough to agree to an interview! She is also giving away bookmarks and bracelets, so stay tuned.

Fifth, have a great week and stay cool!

Only a few more days left in the Insurgent and Intern's Tale giveaway!

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  1. 200 followers does sound very exciting.

    I hope we can reach that awesome goal soon.